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Shorter Days Shorter Days

Rated 0 / 5 stars

so maybe instead of submitting "practice sessions" create something based from these sessions, I listened to your other "works" and feel the same on those as well, I'm not trying to be negative or anything but try to construct a song before uploading, it's fine to play around with things but that doesn't mean upload it. Hopefully this helps, try constructing a song with the elements of a song, even if it's just a great melody(of which none of these are, either timing is off or the keys are off tone) instead of "This is me learning the software" thats about the best advice I can give....sorry man not trying to ruin your day just give inspiration

Thermic Hyperdune Thermic Hyperdune

Rated 3 / 5 stars

personally not hearing the megaman, but what I think you have here is a good electro ambient track, I liked the melodies and the progression.

bluebooblue responds:

Thanks for your review! Yeah I wasn't going for a megaman sound, but I tho of megaman a lot! thanks a lot for listening!

Perfect Weapon CG-Icelands Perfect Weapon CG-Icelands

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty much the same thing happening in this track as the other one of yours I reviewed, I do like this one better but the bass distortion kills it, when the bass starts it's fine, but at 00:48 when you change the bassline it adds distortion which detracts from the song.

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Perfect Weapon CG Icelands Pitched Perfect Weapon CG Icelands Pitched

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

the main thing that kills this for me is the distortion on your bass, if you can clean that up this is a perfect wintery themed song, it has the ambient chills granted the melody does get repetitive, but it has a good start to it, what really destroys it(for me) is the distortion the bass carries.

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NGKFlower responds:

I didn't notice it, I was just into the groove when I made it. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll try to work on it more. =)

Esdeer — M-day Esdeer — M-day

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

to start off, I feel like the beginning from 00:00-00:07 that initial what sounds like a FL studio vocoder effect on a synth(I've done something similar with it) could be removed since it doesn't exactly set the song up, because honestly after that gets done the song sets itself up nicely, also the main bass you use in the background could probably be removed as well, to me it doesn't fit the other sounds well, I'm also hearing alot of clicking and odd sounds throughout the project, possibly some aliasing or another artifact of exporting, but other than that I really like your instrumentation and melodies. overall I find it a great track with some flaws, the flaws prevent me from truly enjoying this track to it's potential. I hope this helps!

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Fantasy Fantasy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like the ideas you had here with the piano, my main gripe is that it all sounds too quiet, but otherwise it's a great piece, really enjoying the piano with the ambience.

JohannAKKAK responds:

Hi there, thanks for your review! I didn't feel like making it a heavy track, but I understand what you mean. I have to learn the difference between making a track too heavy and just making it too quiet. The main sequence might've been too simple now that I think about it.
Again, thank you for your review!

Battalion - PUSSY CAT Battalion - PUSSY CAT

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Really enjoyed the bass and the beats, wasn't the biggest fan of the higher pitched sounds, but I'm a bass guy so that doesn't mean much, overall a kicking tune!

TV-MAN responds:

I've got some bass kickin beats in the oven

873 873

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So the main thing I would suggest, when you do your build-up transitions like the one at around 1:46, have the main sound that repeats fade out a little bit, it gets a little annoying to me, same with the one later in the song(I know that's just my opinion), but other than that I enjoyed this work quite a bit, I also felt that some parts could have more to them, like more going on(but you know how crazy my stuff is. . .so that may not mean anything). . .Overall, a great piece of work you've come up with, keep it up!

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sparks - Instrumental sparks - Instrumental

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so hearing this without the vocals I do notice a couple of minor things, the biggest thing that got to me after a lil while was, the "guitar" sounding synth that comes in around 4:35 and dominates, maybe turn the volume down a little bit and add another pattern or variation to keep it fresh, same thing with it at around 6:45, and the other thing I would have to say is the transition phase starting at 2:05 could use a quiet filler underneath like a simple pad to add to the build up(thats just my personal opinion on that one) but other than that I still think it sounds great, good production values, good synths, catchy beats, keep up the good work, hope this helps

Nicky Romero-Sparks Remix Nicky Romero-Sparks Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so I haven't heard the original song so i'll base my judgements on this mix alone, I do really enjoy the synths you programmed(what synthesizer do you use?) but the production values are good in my book, can't really say i'm a huge fan of music with vocals, so i'll act as though they don't exist in this mix, overall I think you did a great job with the music and synths, the vocals annoy me, but as I mentioned before, they aren't being judged, my advice to you, is keep up the good work I enjoyed the music alot

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EternalEndeavor responds:

I used 3xosc for fx, sylenth slayer 2 and massive for the leads and bass. thanks for the good feedback man, glad you enjoyed it!

also I uploaded an instrumental of this.